Lemons, Lemons, Do We Need Lemons!

Lemons in White Bowl

We are at the height of our season, and lemons are in very high demand.  If you have lemon trees that need harvesting, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can schedule your trees for picking.

Special Thanks to Ace Hardware


A special thanks to Ace Hardware for providing bags to Citrus for Kids.  They understand the need we have for donations and provided much needed help.  We encourage all Citrus for Kids supporters to go to the neighborhood hardware store… Ace Hardware!

Some Necessary Changes to Our Policies

The 2013 season is in full swing and we are now picking 1 – 1/2 tons of fruit a week. 

With the winter freeze, we have discovered that some trees do not have edible fruit.  Remember, Citrus for Kids looks for the best fruit that can be sold at market. This is how we pay our kids.  Also, our market partners expect only top quality produce from us.  

If your trees do not have edible fruit we will be unable to accommodate your picking request this year.

Please inspect your trees before contacting us.  If your fruit is soft to the touch, especially lemons, they have probably been frozen.  If your trees are dropping fruit at a faster rate than normal for this time of year, that fruit has probably been damaged and will not meet our standards.

Now for another change…

In 2012, we picked fruit for our homeowners without asking for payment.  Due to the high  demand for our services and our need for additional equipment, we have found we can’t support our growth without a little help from our homeowners.  We need to buy an additional vehicle and more picking equipment.

That is why we are now asking for donations from each homeowner.

We are requesting no set amount.  Anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated.  Most donations run in the $20-25 range although some give more and some less.  Due to the fact that we are a 501c3 non-profit, all donations are tax deductible.

We want to thank you so much for your support and for understanding these necessary changes.  Please contact us with any questions.

Citrus for Kids Seeks Corporate Sponsors

Last year was incredible.  By the end of our first season we were picking and selling a ton of fruit a week.  This is naturally delicious, organic fruit that otherwise would have fallen to the ground as waste.

We gave teens and young adults a job picking the fruit and then they got paid when the fruit sold at market.  Talk about creating jobs!

Here’s where we need your help.

Everyone loves the idea of Citrus for Kids.  And we work hard to make sure everyone who wants their fruit picked is scheduled.  As we moved through last year, we realized we needed a lot of items to make the picking go faster. We also needed a way to move massive quantities of fruit.  But the money we earned was barely enough to pay our workers and cover our expenses.  In order to continue this great endeavor we need items that our future sales won’t cover.                                                                                                                  

Here are some of the things we need:


Pick Bags




Baskets…   AND SO MUCH MORE!

You can help Citrus for Kids survive to pick fruit again this season.  Any size donation is much appreciated.



Citrus for Kids not for profit

We’re Already Preparing for Next Season

Our first year was successful and now we’re laying the groundwork for the upcoming growing/picking season.  We’re still looking for teens and young adults that we can help by giving them the opportunity to pick fruit, sell it at market and earn money for their efforts.  If you have an organization that wants to do a fundraising event to earn money, Citrus for Kids just might be the way to do it.

Efforts are now underway to bring on board corporate sponsors who appreciate what a great organization Citrus for Kids is and who want to donate money so that we can keep growing.  Special thanks to the JohnJay and Rich morning team on KISS FM who have agreed to promote Citrus for Kids this upcoming season.

More news on the way…

Citrus for Kids T-Shirts Now Available

Citrus For Kids Men's T-shirt

As the fruit picking season comes to a close, we’re already ramping up for next season.  As always we’re looking for financial support and now there’s another way you can help and get a tax deduction. 

Just buy a Citrus for Kids T-Shirt, and you’ll help our kids and the community!  Proceeds from the sale of the shirts will buy tools and equipment, gas for our trucks and keep our efforts going strong.  The more fruit we can pick, the more kids and young adults can benefit.  Not to mention,  we are providing a service to the community by picking unwanted fruit and eliminating waste and providing fresh, delicious fruit to the marketplace.

If you appreciate what Citrus for Kids is doing, show your support by purchasing one of our shirts.




Citrus for Kids Expansion

When we first started picking fruit about a month ago, we were averaging 500 pounds a week.  Now in the height of the season, we’re picking one to two TONS a week.  We’ve got some great partners that are selling the fruit as fast as we can pick it.  Thanks to Tempe Farmer’s Market and Luci’s.

More than 3 dozen homes and over 50 trees have been picked and about 30 kids have been through the program. 

The city of Arcadia has added Citrus for Kids to their donation drop off and are allowing us to donate extra fruitThe City of Scottsdale has also welcomed us.

We’re still looking for donations since we are not covering all of our costs yet.  If you can help even just a little, it would be appreciated.



Citrus For Kids Builds a Bridge of Hope for Phoenix Homeless

I started Citrus for Kids to benefit young adults and teens and to give them a way to earn money while picking up job skills they can take with them.  I am now working with Jeffrey Bisgrove of Neighborhood Transformation.  He’s the Phoenix Facilitator of Alliance for Transformational Ministries and together, we’re working on developing a team of leaders and pickers from the local homeless community that will benefit from being a part of Citrus for Kids while giving back to the community.

Our expansion continues and we’re making a difference!





Citrus For Kids Isn’t Just About Picking Fruit

When you think about today’s generation as our workforce of the future, employers are quickly learning that they communicate differently, have different priorities, value community service but on the other hand have unrealistic expectations of employment.

These young adults, many of whom are applying to college, are discovering that they need community service experience to compete.  And because college tuition and expenses will eventually leave them with mountains of debt, many need to find a job while in college to help make ends meet.

Their opportunities to learn what it takes to compete for these positions are very limited.

That’s where Citrus For Kids can help.

We want to employ these teens and young adults and help them learn what it takes to be a productive employee while offering them the opportunity to give back to the communityThey become part of a team, learn responsibility, develop a work ethic and make their own money while performing a service that benefits the community.

It’s real work experience, an opportunity for personal growth and most importantly, the ability to learn from mentors who care.

If you know someone who might want to join Citrus For Kids, become a mentor, or donate so that we can build the organization, please contact us.





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Jobs for Teens and Young Adults

Citrus for Kids has been in the making for about three years and we’re excited to start taking appointments.  We’re working with a lot of groups, including the Boy ScoutsGirl Scouts and the Boys and Girls Clubs in Arizona. 

If your youth organization needs to raise money, why not contact Citrus for Kids?  We’ll employ your members, and monies you collect from selling our communities’ unwanted fruit is yours. 

If your group is interested in community service, Citrus for Kids makes it easy to contribute!  Just call us and we’ll set up appointments for you.

4H Clubs, Bands, school clubs, almost any youth organization will be considered.  The time to pick is right now so make sure you call to schedule.



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