About Citrus for Kids

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There are over 11,000 kids in the Arizona Foster Care System.

At Citrus for Kids, we think teens and young adults can:

— Become part of a team
— Have a way to earn their own money
— Build work experience
— Benefit the community
— Have FUN!

Every kid in the foster care system has a unique story.

But the one thing they all have in common is the need for someone who cares about them and can have a positive impact on their lives.

At Citrus for Kids, we giving caring individuals a way to help these kids by allowing our teams to pick their unwanted fruit and giving them the opportunity to earn their own money by selling it at market.

Our team leaders mentor the kids, encourage teamwork and teach them the value of earning their own money by their own hard work.

At the same time, they learn responsibility, have an opportunity to build their self-esteem and acquire some of the skills they’ll need when they enter the workforce in the future.

But most importantly, as a Citrus for Kids “KID” we want them to know one very important thing. WE CARE.

We give the next generation of employees their start!

If your trees are full of fruit you’ll never eat, let our kids pick it for you!

Pick your fruit
Clean your yard
Dispose of all trash
Sell your unwanted fruit at market to earn money for all of our hard work!

Have a clean yard
Save money
Help kids give back to the community
Get a tax deduction
Help us practice sustainability!

Call today, and we’ll pick your fruit tomorrow!

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